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Apartments Available at Realife Cooperative

Currently, we have two wonderful apartments up for sale!

We have a one bedroom apartment, one bath with a spacious kitchen, large pantry & walk-in closet.

Additionally, we have a two bedroom apartment, two bath, with a large living room, lots of storage and gorgeous south facing views of town.

Are you thinking of downsizing, making day to day life a little easier or ready for carefree living? If you added up how much it cost you each month to live in your current home, most will find that the monthly cost of living at Realife is less. You don’t have to mow the lawn, shovel the snow or worry about large out of pocket expenses when something goes wrong in your home. At Realife, we make senior independent living as easy as possible.

Realife Cooperative is a unique form of home ownership that consists of 27 spacious apartments. Members (tenants) of the Cooperative purchase a share in the cooperative, giving them the right to live in the development. In other words, those living in the apartments are members who ‘own’ the building. The cooperative is governed by its members through their elected Board of Directors with input from residence and Eventide as a Management Agent. Share prices and monthly fees vary depending on individual apartment size.

We would love to talk to you more about what Realife Cooperative is all about!

Even if you are not ready to move today, you can be added to our waitlist for future availability. Call Shannon Cose, Resident Services Manager at (712) 263-8169 with questions, or to learn more about our current available apartments.

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