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Discovery of Preservation

Submitted by Christine Kragel, Community Relations & Foundation Director

The inevitable came. The original Eventide Lutheran Home building was torn down in a mere nine days. A wide-open view of the Boyer River valley fills its void. While we knew and understood the outcome, the actions of its removal brought about emotions for many. Tearing down the original Eventide building could be viewed as a sad ending, yet a discovery turned its reality into a joyful preservation. The preservation of our memories and the true definition of Eventide – a home – not a building. Deep in the walls of Eventide, and tucked carefully behind the cornerstone, a time capsule was discovered.

The cornerstone quickly found its new home underneath the American flag at the Gracewell entry. The time capsule was presented to the Eventide Board of Directors in January. A collective reminiscing unfolded as the time capsule was opened and each item was carefully removed for the first time in 62 years. I can imagine the original board members collecting the items of importance, items to preserve the memory of Eventide, the people behind it all, and their experiences. They carefully chose items that would be treasured by future caregivers and leaders of this organization.

The time capsule included:

  • Bible
  • Denison History
  • Campaign Material for Eventide
  • Newspaper Articles from August 1962
  • KDSN Audiotape of Scripture & Dedication Ceremony
  • 1 Penny, 1 Nickle & 1 Dime
  • Photographs from around Crawford County
  • Blueprint for the Cornerstone & Time Capsule
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church of Schleswig Bulletin from August 12, 1962
  • History of Zion Lutheran Church & Commemorative Book
  • Bulletin from Zion Lutheran Church Parish Hall Dedication
  • Bulletin from Reverend Schmidt Anniversary Service

The belongings of the capsule represented our strong seeded history of faith and community, a focus that continues to flourish and grow today. These were two pillars of our creation and the morals in which we stand. As the Eventide Campus plans for the future, we will continue to use these as a guiding light and pass their importance on to future generations of residents, employees and their families.

While I watched bricks crumble to the ground, the faces of the past residents flashed through my head. I chose to interpret this as a humbling reminder of the number of lives we touch year after year. While the emotions experienced by many were a part of the process, it is important to remember that the same loving care, meaningful relationships, and laughter rolling through the halls will continue for years to come.

Revealing the time capsule to the board, and to you as readers has me thinking – what would be in my time capsule? I encourage you to also consider – what would be in yours?

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