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The Eventide Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable corporation formed to collect gifts of money and assets to help off-set the expenses of caring for the elderly. Funds collected by the Foundation are used to supplement the increasing costs of personal care and to provide amenities to residents that would not otherwise be available.

Why the Eventide Foundation?

The Eventide Foundation, administered by a separate board of directors can collect monies and assets to be placed in an endowment fund to help meet these needs and provide the loving care our residents so rightly deserve.

Your gift to the Foundation fills a need that is present and growing. It can make a great deal of difference in the comfort and quality of care delivered to our residents.

It offers you a meaningful way in which to give money and assets the benefits of which can be easily seen and evaluated. Because your gift will be used by the Foundation to enrich the lives of residents on the Eventide Campus, you know that your gifts are being used locally and are providing care for your neighbors and friends.

Because the Foundation is non-profit and charitable, it also may offer you tax advantages by decreasing your taxes on income and estate. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

By planning now, your gift can have a positive impact upon the residents of the Eventide Campus and provide maximum benefit to you, the donor.

How You Can Help

As you plan your estate and gift endowments, we ask that you consider a gift to the Eventide Foundation.

A contribution to the Foundation allows us to provide a fuller quality of life for our residents.

The Eventide Foundation needs your help to continue the work of Eventide and to insure that each resident lives out their life without loss of dignity or respect.

For more information, contact your tax consultant or:

Eventide Foundation for the Care of the Elderly
114 So. 20th Street
Denison, Iowa 51442

The information provided on this site does not constitute either legal or tax advisory service. The purpose of this media is to provide accurate information of a general character.

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