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Volunteers….. “Helping Hands, Helping Others”.  Volunteers are invaluable and play a major part in our success.  At Eventide Senior Living we are grateful for volunteers taking the time to make a big difference. Volunteers play a very important role in our resident’s lives. The Eventide Community appreciates the time commitment and energy that volunteers willingly give.  We hope that you will consider helping us out on a regular basis or as your time allows.

If you would like more information on or about current opportunities to volunteer at any of the Eventide Communities, please call Robin Schiltz at 712.263.3114 or e-mail rschiltz@eventidehome.com.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Accompany residents to medical appointments
  • Assist with Chapel Services
  • Provide entertainment / activities
  • Visit with residents
  • Spend time with Hospice Residents

Volunteer Testimonials:

Sherry Kohnekamp:  “I like to volunteer at Eventide because I enjoy helping the elderly and listening to their stories of their younger years.  Eventide is an excellent place to live when it is time for assistance and people are no longer able to be on their own.”
Hilda Frank:  “I enjoy being a volunteer at Eventide because it makes me feel good about myself and I like to see the people smile.  They are happy when you do things for them or with them.”
Sheryl Bohlmann:  “I like to volunteer at Eventide because I love doing things for the Residents.  They are always so grateful and so happy!  It’s nice to be around an upbeat atmosphere.”

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