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Gracewell Boasts Assistive Listening System

According to Listen Technologies, 466 million people suffer from hearing loss worldwide.

Gracewell believes that hearing challenges should not interfere with a resident’s quality of life, and therefore invested in an Assisted Listening System for our Activity Center. This innovative technology ensures our residents and guests with hearing aids will be included and engaged in activities, entertainment and church services.

The Assistive Listening System is a wireless system that includes transmitters and receivers, to improve the experience for a person who is hard of hearing, sending the audio directly to headphones, hearing aids, or cochlear implants without amplifying ambient noise.

Standard sound systems cannot meet the needs of those with hearing loss. Without the assistive listening system, those with hearing aids will hear ALL of the sound around them, which is distracting. Not being able to hear clearly and concisely can be frustrating and isolating.

Gracewell is happy to provide an inclusive, accessible, and compliant system so all residents can have the same great experience.

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