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Silveridge Assisted Living Celebrates 10 Years!

By: Kara Webb, RN, Director of Assisted Living

On the cold and flurry-filled January 10th morning in 2011, Silveridge officially opened to the public! Labor behind it, of course, began long before that. The Eventide Board of Directors and CEO, Mindi Baker, had poured themselves into a vision that provided the community with a beautiful home-like facility for seniors who might be needing to transition from their independent setting but did not need full-time nursing care. After approximately 4 years of planning and another year of construction, their vision became a reality.

I have been blessed enough to work at Silveridge since that opening day. My roles have changed over the years, but my love for Silveridge is unwavering. I can still remember walking through the doors for my first 2-10 shift that afternoon, the smell of fresh carpet and new construction meeting me. We had 2 tenants to care for originally, so much of those first few shifts were spent cleaning, organizing and trying to make those first tenants feel at home. 

As time progressed, the apartments filled. On December 18th, 2013 we received a deposit for our last available apartment and were officially fully occupied for the first time in just a little under 2 years. That moment sure brought a sense of pride and accomplishment. We knew we had a wonderful program here at Silveridge, but the word was spreading to the community and it was showing.

We have seen so many wonderful tenants come and go through our doors since then. What is unique about Silveridge is how it feels very much like a big family. Typically, by suppertime on the first night after a tenant moves in, they are welcomed by other tenants and already making friends. Tenants are sometimes surprised by move-ins, often getting to reconnect with past acquaintances or even distant family. I’ll never forget the first night for a particular tenant who sat at the supper table after moving in and began to visit with those around her, only to realize the person sitting next to her was a childhood friend with whom she had walked to country school with every day almost 80 years before. So many giggles erupted from the table that evening. It is a memory that will stay with me forever.

Along with the tenants, our staff have been an incredible staple here through the years as well. Two of our staff have been here since day one, while another two began just a month later. These four staff members are a testament to the level of dedication and passion we have for our tenants. The rest of the team that have joined us over the years, truly make Silveridge a wonderful place to live and work. The definition of a team is ‘a group of people who come together to achieve a common goal’. Silveridge staff embrace the meaning of that word and join forces each day to provide the best care we can for our tenants.

When I reflect on the past 10 years there really is one main thought that comes to mind… blessed. We have continued the original vision for Silveridge throughout this journey so far and look forward to providing care for our area seniors in the years to come. Not just today, but we often reflect on those who have come and gone. We miss them. They have each touched us in their own special way and were such an integral part of making Silveridge what it is today. We are incredibly thankful for our wonderful tenants, their supportive families, and our Silveridge team and look forward to rocking the next 10 years!

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