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COVID-19 Notification 9.24.20

After over six months of fighting off this virus, we have our first nursing facility residents that have tested positive using the quick BD testing method. There is some inconsistency with this type of testing, so we have tested the PCR method and are awaiting those results.

As things opened up in the community and in nursing facilities, this was inevitable. We are working closely with the Iowa Department of Public Health and Crawford County Public Health. In discussions with local health professionals, we are aware many individuals in Crawford County are not following the guidance including quarantining. We strongly encourage individuals to be diligent in aspect to this. As our residents seek outside appointments, we do not want them exposed by others who decide not to follow the guidance. Many of our experiences with positives on campus are traced back to events outside the facility. And, every team member is listed on our roster, even if they have not worked recently. The county is currently at 22.7% positivity rate over the last 14 days; this is the 4th highest county in Iowa. Our local high school as moved to Hybrid method due the number of cases. With that, we will continue to take proactive measures on campus and have implemented the following changes:

Eventide Nursing Facility – Phase 1:

Visitation: there will be no regular outdoor visits effective immediately. It will be re-evaluated on October 22nd. Virtual visits and phone calls are highly encouraged.

Outings: will be for medically necessary only utilizing Eventide Transportation.

Silveridge Assisted Living – Phase 3:

Visitation: will focus on outdoor, virtual and phone visits. Due to concerns for wind and pathogen travel beyond the 6 foot distancing, outdoor visits will be subject to conditions. Location and availability may change with little to no notice. 

Outings:  will be for medically necessary appointments only utilizing Eventide transportation or the tenants may drive themselves if they have their own personal vehicle. This will be re-evaluated on October 7th.

At this time, we ask for continued prayers as our team is working extremely hard to take care of residents, tenants, and each other. Now more than ever, we need words of encouragement.

If you have any questions, please contact Administration.

Facility: Eventide Nursing Home

Cumulative # of Residents COVID+ as of today: 3 (0 cases recovered)

Cumulative # of Staff COVID+ as of today: 15 (9 cases recovered)

Reason for Notification:

New COVID+ Resident or Staff

Please know that we are taking all actions we can to prevent the risk of further transmission of COVID-19. We are screening staff before and after their shift, creating isolation areas, wearing PPE, all staff wearing masks when in the facility, on-going education, cleaning and disinfecting frequently, limiting visitation, utilizing telehealth, etc.

If you have any general questions, please contact CEO Mindi Baker at 712.263.3114. You may continue to contact the resident’s nurse for specific resident conditions.

Not required by CMS but we offer the following transparency for Silveridge Assisted Living:

Cumulative # of Tenants COVID+ as of today: 0

Cumulative # of Staff COVID+ as of today: 0

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