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COVID-19 Notification 3.12.21

Date: 03/12/21

To: Eventide Campus Interested Parties

From: Mindi Baker, CEO

Re: Visitation Guidance

CMS released revised guidance as it relates to nursing home and assisted living visitation. The new changes to the visitation guidelines are effective immediately. In summary, more residents are now able to have indoor visits!  

Screening Process

Every visitor entering the facility must be screened by staff. Advance scheduling ensures availability since each facility must limit the number of visitors per resident at one time, as well as the total number of visitors in the facility at one time, in order to maintain infection control precautions. See below to schedule a visit.

Procedures for Indoor Visitation
  • Residents and visitors should continue to adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention, particularly if either party has not been fully vaccinated. 
    • Core Principles of COVID-19 Infection Prevention include:
      • Screening for signs, symptoms and questions about exposure including denial of entry to any individual with signs or symptoms or who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, regardless of the visitor’s vaccination status. 
      • Hand Hygiene.
      • Face covering or mask that is well fitted covering nose and mouth.
      • Social distancing of at least 6 feet.
      • Proper visitor education on procedures and infection control precautions.
  • If a resident is fully vaccinated, the resident can choose to have close contact (including touch) while their visitor wears a well-fitting face mask and performs hand hygiene before and after. Fully vaccinated=2 weeks or more past receipt of 2nd dose in 2-dose series or one dose of a single-dose vaccine.
  • Visitors should physically distance from other residents and staff.
  • All visitors need to go directly to the room of the person they are visiting (or designated area if a shared room) and cannot visit multiple people at a time.
  • All visitors must be able to continuously wear their mask correctly. 
  • Visitor testing is encouraged but is not required; testing takes about 15 minutes.
  • In an outbreak situation, visitors will be notified of the potential risk for COVID-19 exposure.  
  • Visitor vaccination is encouraged as visitors have the opportunity, but it is not required. 
Indoor Visitation When Not in Outbreak Status (currently no facility is in outbreak): 

Indoor visits shall be allowed for all residents with some limitations in any the following circumstances: 

  • Unvaccinated Residents:  If a county’s positivity rate is red based on the CMS color coding classification and less than 70% of the nursing home’s residents are vaccinated, then unvaccinated residents should not be permitted indoor visitation unless in compassionate care situations. Our rate is greater than 70% so this circumstance currently does not apply anywhere on the Eventide Campus.
  • Residents on quarantine or on transmission-based precautions should not be permitted indoor visitation until they have met criteria to discontinue transmission-based precautions unless in compassionate care situations.
Indoor Visitation During an Outbreak
  1. When a provider enters outbreak status (1 or more new COVID-19 positive staff or resident), the facility will immediately begin outbreak testing and suspend indoor visitation until at least one round of facility-wide testing of residents and staff is complete. After testing, indoor visitation can resume only in areas/units with no COVID-19 cases if:  
    – The first round of facility wide testing does not identify any additional cases of COVID-19.
    – The first round of facility wide testing is completed and identifies cases only in same distinct area/unit of the original case that triggered outbreak testing.
  2. The facility will continue additional rounds of outbreak and surveillance testing until no new cases of staff or residents have been identified for a period of at least 14 days.
  3. If at any point additional COVID-19 cases are identified in a different area of the facility, visitation must be suspended for all residents regardless of vaccinations status until no new cases of staff or residents have been identified for a period of at least 14 days (except pursuant to the federal disability rights law – compassionate care).
  4. Outdoor Visitation continues to be the preferred visitation approach per CMS even when the resident and visitor are fully vaccinated.
Schedule a Visit

Eventide Nursing Facility: If you would like to schedule a visit with a nursing facility resident, please call Morgan or Lynette in Social Services, Robin in Activities, the Business Office or Amy Schultz at 712-263-3114. Calling ahead to visit is strongly encouraged to ensure infection control precautions are followed.

Silveridge Assisted Living: Silveridge has a number of options available for scheduled visits. If you would like to schedule a visit with any assisted living tenant, please call Kim or Kara at 712-263-2639. Calling ahead to visit is strongly encouraged to ensure infection control precautions are followed.

Heritage Heights and Realife: Visitors are able to make arrangements directly with their friends and family living in each building.

Facility: Eventide Nursing Home

Cumulative # of Residents COVID+ as of today: 40 (0 active cases)

Cumulative # of Staff COVID+ as of today: 58 (0 active case)

Reason for Notification:

Weekly Update

Please know that we are taking all actions we can to prevent the risk of further transmission of COVID-19. All of our team members are wearing proper PPE, we are testing nursing facility team members at least twice a week. We are not allowing team members to work with any new onset of symptoms, and we are paying employees to stay home if they test positive.

We continue screening all who enter the facility, cleaning and disinfecting frequently, utilizing telehealth, educating team members etc.

If you have any general questions, please contact CEO Mindi Baker at 712.263.3114. You may continue to contact the resident’s nurse for specific resident conditions.

Facility: Silveridge Assisted Living

Not required by CMS but we offer the following transparency for Silveridge Assisted Living:

Cumulative # of Tenants COVID+ as of today: 0

Cumulative # of Staff COVID+ as of today: 3 (0 active cases)

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