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COVID-19 Notification 2.5.21

The COVID-19 vaccine clinics on the Eventide Campus to date have ran smoothly. On our campus, we have coordinated administration on 393 shots. Leadership worked with Crawford County Public Health for the Moderna Vaccine and our Federal Pharmacy Partner Walgreens for the Pfizer Vaccine. We have 163 individuals who have already completed their two-dose series. Roughly 86% of those on Campus have taken at least one dose of the vaccine thus far. Considering this group is the first tier to be offered the vaccine, that is a great response rate and exceeds the benchmark.

Two weeks after the second dose, the vaccine brings 95% immunity against the COVID-19 virus. What a great feeling to have such a high rate of protection. We are seeing a decrease in the number of active cases on the Eventide Campus. However, we cannot let our guard down as the county positivity rate remains high being > 10%. As of today, Crawford County is the 3rd highest in Iowa on cases per 100k population.

At this point, no protocol changes can occur at Eventide Nursing Facility post vaccine. Once we receive any changes with Federal or State regulations, we will certainly release and implement those as soon as possible. At Silveridge Assisted Living Facility, we can make some visitation changes taking affect February 15th, and those details will be released next week. In either case, everyone must still be diligent about safety practices.

Despite growing rates of vaccination in long term care settings, transmissibility remains a concern. The vaccines’ effectiveness against transmissibility is being evaluated, but more people need to be vaccinated to get adequate data. Getting vaccinated does make a difference but the need to focus on the right measures remains. If more people get vaccinated, fewer people will get sick. This means lower community rates, which means fewer outbreaks in nursing homes and lower county positivity rates. That directly translates to less testing, more indoor visitation, more group activities, etc. As previously reported, our county positivity rate must drop below 10% for a period to ease these areas in the nursing facility.

For now, we need more community members to be vaccinated to bring herd immunity and fight off this virus. We know the vaccine resources are limited and we need to allow distribution efforts time to adjust. Please be patient. If you can help others get the correct information regarding the vaccine, please do so.  Here are just a few general highlights:

  • There is no cost to take the COVID-19 vaccine; it is free to the public.
  • Vaccine supply is limited but expected to increase in weeks to follow with Public Health, local hospital, and some local retail pharmacies.
  • Moderna and Pfizer vaccine require 2 doses.
  • Individuals must be 16 years or older for the Pfizer and 18 years or older for Moderna.

Facility: Eventide Nursing Home

Cumulative # of Residents COVID+ as of today: 40 (0 active cases)

Cumulative # of Staff COVID+ as of today: 57 (0 active cases)

Reason for Notification:

Weekly Update

Please know that we are taking all actions we can to prevent the risk of further transmission of COVID-19. All of our team members are wearing proper PPE, we are testing nursing facility team members at least twice a week. We are not allowing team members to work with any new onset of symptoms, and we are paying employees to stay home if they test positive.

We continue screening all who enter the facility, cleaning and disinfecting frequently, utilizing telehealth, limiting visitors, educating team members etc.

If you have any general questions, please contact CEO Mindi Baker at 712.263.3114. You may continue to contact the resident’s nurse for specific resident conditions.

Facility: Silveridge Assisted Living

Not required by CMS but we offer the following transparency for Silveridge Assisted Living:

Cumulative # of Tenants COVID+ as of today: 0

Cumulative # of Staff COVID+ as of today: 3 (0 active cases)

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