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Awaiting Guidance on Visitor Resitrictions

Dear Residents, Tenants, Representatives, and Families

As businesses and events open back up in the state and our community, it does bring a sense of relief. However, for long term care providers it will take more time before we are able to lift restrictions set in place by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals (DIA). On May 18, 2020 CMS sent recommendations to State officials to help determine the level of mitigation needed for long term care facilities to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. We are currently awaiting guidance from State Officials but hope to learn more in the upcoming weeks.

Although we have not seen the drafted plan for re-opening by the State, factors for relaxing restrictions in long term care facilities are likely to include:

  • Case status in community – level of community transmission
  • Case status in the nursing home/assisted living facility – absence of new onset of COVID-19
  • Adequate staffing – no staff shortages and not in contingency staffing plan
  • Access to adequate testing – testing for both staff and residents available
  • Universal source control – residents and visitors wear cloth face mask
  • Access to adequate personal protective equipment for staff
  • Local Hospital capacity – hospital accepting transfers from nursing homes

Currently, we are considered to be in Phase I, the most restrictive phase. We believe Phase II may include allowing limited entry of non-essential personnel (i.e. cosmetologists, podiatrist, dietician). This phase may allow for communal dining and activities to resume in groups of 10 or less with social distancing. The next level of progression would be known as Phase III where we believe visitors will be allowed in the buildings but with certain criteria in place. Testing could be a big factor in opening with availability and timeliness of results. When we get direction from DIA, we will know more what opening will look like for the Eventide campus. Facilities may be in different phases based on the above factors. Once advancing to Phase II or Phase III, there is the possibility of going back to Phase I if, for example, a facility has a new onset of COVID-19.

We are all in this together; our entire community has a vital part in opening and keeping open long-term care facilities in Crawford County. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers as the State opens back up. The Eventide Campus Team has stepped up and made changes to keep each other and those we serve safe. Please pray for this team and their households to continue to be vigilant of social distancing and hand washing as our children start to play ball, families attend church, or begin to go out to eat. We know this has been a long time with no visits with your loved ones. We thank you in advance for your support. As always, we are here to answer any questions. 

Mindi Baker, Eventide Campus CEO                                               

Amy Schultz, Eventide Lutheran Home Administrator  

Kara Webb, Silveridge Assisted Living Director

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