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COVID-19 Notification 2.26.21

Eventide Lutheran Home (nursing facility): We continue to monitor the county positivity rate at least weekly using the CMS site found here. This website differs from the State of Iowa site located here. CMS allows for general indoor visits in the nursing facility if: The county Positivity Rate is below 10% and No positive case in the last […]

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COVID-19 Notification 2.12.21

Eventide Lutheran Home: Our county positivity rate still remains above 10%. With this, CMS does not allow for general indoor visits in the nursing facility. Therefore, we are utilizing this new visitor area just inside our building near the Main Dining Room. DIA has approved this area as an “outdoor window” visit since there is […]

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COVID-19 Notification 2.5.21

The COVID-19 vaccine clinics on the Eventide Campus to date have ran smoothly. On our campus, we have coordinated administration on 393 shots. Leadership worked with Crawford County Public Health for the Moderna Vaccine and our Federal Pharmacy Partner Walgreens for the Pfizer Vaccine. We have 163 individuals who have already completed their two-dose series. Roughly […]

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